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Baby It's Over

A Childhood Cancer Survivor Poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

My tears fall so silently
as my heart breaks so violently
as my soul screams so quietly
all my troubles have tired me.

But I cannot sleep soundly
for my heart keeps on pounding
all the horror sounding
the power of your love astounds me.

As I toss and turn in bed
trying to ignore what's in my head
all the things that you've said
but now your heart feels dead, to me.

You say that you love me
but i don't feel it when you hug me
all the passion that was there
now i don't know where, to find it.

It must have vanished in mid-air
cuz now i don't feel like you care
I'm another face in the crowd
my name not spoken aloud.

I look up you look down
I wear a smile you wear a frown
our love affair ceases
and I'm falling to pieces
when I see you my tongue freezes
your kiss just teases me.

Our relationship tarnished
like wood unvarnished
unwanted, unneeded
your so vastly conceded
our love almost depleted
like a fairytale incompleted.

Blank pages turned
yet the writing I earned
but you weren't concerned
you didn't really care about me.

Like two countries divided
a tape unrewinded
but I'm no longer blinded
you do not love me.

A dove no longer encased
I'm a memory misplaced
a story erased.

The wind's getting colder
this songs getting older
and as much as I loved you, baby it's over.

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