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Chapter 8: Home Sweet Home


Anticipation fills the air as Christine's journey leads her back to the comfort of home. The prospect of returning to her familiar surroundings after a long and challenging battle with cancer fills her with excitement. However, beneath the surface of her eagerness lies a mixture of emotions, as she grapples with the changes that her journey has brought.

In this chapter, Christine reflects on her pre-cancer days, evoking memories of her carefree childhood spent at her cherished cottage. She paints a vivid picture of herself as a spirited and independent young girl, whose golden blonde hair flowed untamed as she embraced the joys of life. The memories of her favorite beach and the feeling of wearing her beloved pink top reveal a glimpse into the innocence and happiness that once defined her.

Amidst the nostalgia, Christine's journey home is also a journey of self-discovery. The experiences she endured during her hospital stays and treatment have left their mark, altering her perspective and reshaping her identity. As she stands on the threshold of returning to her old life, she must navigate the complexities of blending her past with her present reality.

The chapter captures the intricate balance between the excitement of returning home and the underlying layers of change and growth that Christine has undergone. The anticipation of meeting new friends at school signifies her desire to reintegrate into the world she left behind. However, the transformation she has undergone throughout her journey is a reminder that the concept of "home" has evolved for her.

"Home Sweet Home" is not just about physical space; it's about the emotional journey of rediscovering oneself after facing a life-altering challenge. Christine's narrative beautifully captures the push and pull of returning to the familiar while embracing the changes that have shaped her into a survivor. It is a chapter that embodies the duality of joy and reflection, encapsulating the complexity of her journey's next phase.

"A New Day" is a poem of mixed emotions, signifying not only a physical return home but also an emotional and psychological transition. It's about Christine's determination to move forward, yet acknowledging that the past has left an indelible mark on her. The chapter beautifully portrays the intersection of past and present, as Christine navigates the bittersweet territory of healing and rebuilding her life after the harrowing experience of childhood cancer.

"I Once Was Lost" is a poignant and emotionally resonant poem that beautifully captures the journey from despair to redemption. The poem vividly portrays the depths of the narrator's struggles, using the metaphor of drowning in a sea of regrets, failures, and pain. The imagery of waves of sorrow, silent grace, and overwhelming burdens effectively conveys the weight of the emotional turmoil.

As the poem unfolds, there is a powerful shift in tone and perspective. The turning point comes when the narrator finds solace and hope through faith. The metaphorical transition from sinking to walking on water symbolizes a profound transformation, where faith becomes a lifeline that guides the way. The act of holding hands with a guiding force and reaching the safety of the shore serves as a powerful visual representation of finding light in the darkness.

The concluding lines encapsulate the essence of the poem's message. The reference to "Amazing grace how sweet the sound" echoes a sentiment of gratitude and redemption. The transformation from being lost to being found carries a universal theme of resilience and renewal. The poem beautifully captures the emotional journey from despair to empowerment, reminding the reader that even in the darkest of times, there is the potential for healing and growth.

Home Sweet Home

I’m very excited to get home and especially excited to meet new friends at school.

I remember the day before I was brought into the hospital I was at my old cottage, my favorite place to be as a young carefree little girl. I remember we were at my favorite beach, I was wearing my favorite pink top, that was of course weather inappropriate, but I was a very independent little girl, I had perfect, curly, golden blond hair, but I never let my mom or dad do my hair or dress me. Even in our family photo I woke my big brother and insisted on wearing my christening dress. I was as wild as my hair which I hated being brushed, yet seemed to keep its radiance even in the wind of our common boat rides and open hooded car rides in our old Firebird convertible. I was just an untamable and happy kid.


Alice in Wonderland?

A Childhood Cancer Survivor Poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

I walk to school every day
And every day I go the very same way
Today I thought I’d try something new
The grass was so green and the sky so blue.


So I walked through the trees
so I could smell the sweet breeze
As I got farther in the wood
Things got stranger than they ever could.
A little white rabbit stopped to ask me the date
And cursed as it ran off saying I’m late I’m late
A pink cat that seemed to disappear
Told me that I was ever so near.
On the ground was a deck of cards
The queen surrounded by all her guards
“Time” A mad hatter asked
But I was too focused on my task.
In the distance I heard a beeping sound
But saw nothing when I turned around
I felt someone poking me in the head
And awoke to realize I was still in bed. 

A New Day

Morning sun falls upon my face
The signs of summer dance around the room
A new day is here.

The sun stretches its warm fingers to the four corners of my room
My rested eyes flutter open
A new day is here.

I fling the covers off me
The dust flies up and then down like snow flakes
A new day is here.

I stretch my back and bones
Reaching for the sky and the ground
A new day is here.

I flop back on my bed
The dust flies around me
A new day is here.

Morning sun falls upon my face
The signs of summer dance around the room
A new day is here.

All today’s thoughts
All today’s problems are now yesterday’s memories
A new day is here.

I Once was Lost


Here I am drowning in the sea
A sea of everything I don't want to be
A sea of all my failures and mistakes
A sea of my tears and splitting headaches.

Waves of sorrow wash over my face
I go under with a silent grace
I fall down deeper in my depression
Deeper and deeper into my obsession.

I'm overwhelmed with all my faults
My skin is burning from the salts
Salts of what I could have been
If only I could have seen
What the future has in store
How soon I would reach the shore.

Now my storm dried up in the sun
Maybe I am a lucky one.

Now I'm walking on water because I have Faith
This tortuous dungeon I have escaped
I hold His hand as He walks me to land
I bend down and kiss the merciful sand.
So happy to have found happiness again
Now the sun overpowers the rain

Amazing grace how sweet the sound
I once was lost but now am found.



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