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A Childhood Cancer Survivor Poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

Welcome to a place where nothing is what it seems
The real are things that only come from dreams
Enter the world of the living and the dead
Enter to the place that everyone dreads.

Go to the realm of things unexplained
Go to a place where no logic remains
See the place where strange things brew
See a place that is far beyond you.

Enter the realm of no escape
And watch the impossible start to take shape
What for you in this realm lies
A simple question without a reply.

From the bottomless cauldron take a sip
Feel your body start to slip
Slip into the realm of things unknown
Let your mind be overthrown.
Let go of all that seems right & true
And grab the reins of something new
Once you get there its heaven inside
But on the way it’s one hell of a ride,

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