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Finally 16

A Childhood Cancer Survivor Poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

Finally 16
But what does it mean?
What do I have to do
What do I have to prove
I am the same person I was before
A person who's mind likes to soar
They call it sweet 16 but I'm not any sweeter
I'd still go for the 18 year old in jeans and a wife beater.
No real difference that I can see
When I look in the mirror I'm still me
I'm not changing its just the year
I still can't look him in the eyes without a tear.
I still have the same heart and the same soul
This music and rhymes is still what keeps me whole,
Pity n guilt is still my depression
Through the emptiness I search for recession.
The answer that will help me rise above
The key to free my inner dove
I need the solution to fill the void
To relieve the pain of being toyed.

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