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Hey You

A Childhood Cancer Survivor Story
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

Your probably wondering y im writing you a typed letter and I also would like to kno because I 4got already, hehe oh ya because I was on the computer and then I was too lazy to write it on paper so I decided to type it on the computer. Neway how was ur exams? I haven’t done mine yet but I have 2 coming up, science on Monday and math on Tuesday.

And as I already told you probably Im sick and they dnt kno what’s wrong, they think it might be an ulcer but they’re not sure and I have to go to the hospital soon and get these tests done, I have to drink this chalky stuff and get x rays and all this stuff, im actually kind of scared b4 I wasn’t but now I kind of am, my mom keeps telling me im all pail and I am soo like weak and sometimes I get dizzy, I really hope it goes away. I hate being sick! Especially the barfing kind of sick that’s the worst, there is this realy bad flu going round where all you do is barf for 3 days it’s actually kind of funny sounding but I geuss not it you have it!

Ne way ne news on ur dad’s job? I really hope you can come for march break, I think Britney and Kelly could possibly come too! It would be soo awesome! Mb you could come on my birthday, that would be the best present if u were all here! Well I really hope you can come, and if u cnt take the train you could always take the bus, it’s actually almost the same time. I could send you stuff to do! Ne way it doesn’t matter how you get here as long as ur here!

And I kno u said u didn’t want to go to camp the same 2 weeks in case u see mike but I personally dnt care if I see him, if I do I’ll laugh at that stupid kid. He’s soo stupid now he think’s he’s all ghetto, he says he looks  like a thug, lol if he saw a real thug he’d piss himself, stupid boy. Im almost looking forward to making fun of that kid, hehe he’ll wish he never messed with us! Plus OH MY GOODNESS
The week you guys left these guys from sweeden came to the camp and they were sooooooooooooo damn hot!!!! And they were hilarious too, we were always calling after them, and imitating how they couldn’t pronounce their own counrty’s name lol it was quite fun!u should stay the weekend and not go home it’s really fun when I did it b4 this girl took us to town and to McDonalds and we were gonna go to a movie, but then we got to whatch them on tv they have a pool table too in the parlour, I was beating mike and then he got this girl to help him so he won but I say cheap basterd! Lol
And that hockey guy who works at the camp some ppl think he’s hot but he’s really an ass I 4get his name but he used lady’s dye to dye his hair blonde lol!

Ne way I had an idea, it’s a really good one too, not like the one where I ate a mushroom off my front lawn and had to go to the emergency room drink charcoal do get it out. It’s a good one, I think we should get together before we go to camp! Eh;);), that way we dnt have to wait till the end of the summer to see eachother! WOW I told u it was a good idea not like the one where I threw a cookie at the ceiling seeing if god would take it because Mr Christie makes the best cookie ( by the way I totally disagree) the ones with 50% less sodium, I dnt kno what he was thinking, they taste like wood!
Ne way it was just a thought, a thought that took me a long time to think of but neway think about it;);)! LOL

I liked ur letter because it was long and colourful so mine is colourfull too!! Only im cheap and lazy and illiterate so I did it on the computer mabob. Lol there are sooooo many underlined mistakes I think my computer will have an overload! Lol

Well I geuss I better go im running out of paper and things to say so I’ll let you go from this leter of insanity! But if after u read this and ur ever by a phone call me:D!! Well ttyl I hope to get ur letter soon (damn post office) and good luck on ur exams!!! Well Lub U oh ya we made the lub up bcuz rae cnt spell lol LUB U MisS U ChOw BeLla

LUb ShorT stuff                               Of The BaNanA CrEw!

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