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Life is Hard

A Childhood Cancer Survivor Poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

I’ve Learned that life is hard
We’re all walking around with a wild card,
Nothing is handed to you, you got to work for it all
Once you think it is all in balance you trip and you fall.

Reality is like a slap in the face
You gotta work in society to keep your place,
No matter how good you are there is someone better
Hand me a cleanX box and I’ll feel better.

Nothing is fair it won’t come easy
Unlike life I have low standards so it’s not hard to please me,
Confidence is also low but far down I fall
My head goes back and forth till I hit the wall.

Sometimes it’s too much and I get dizzy
Like flat pop I’ve become unfizzy,
You think the more responsibility the more to choose
More like the more responsibility the more you have to loose.

We can only hold so much on our shoulders
Before it begins to feel as if the world is over,
The pressure there is just to be
It doesn’t matter what you say all your gonna get is me.

I won’t change for you so don’t even try
The words “everyone's doing it” just doesn’t fly.
No one is perfect so what are you comparing yourself to
The most beautiful person is staring back at you.

Don’t let people trash all the dreams you kept
Because when everything is gone that’s all we have left,
When the world is over all there is, is inside
Close your eyes and open your heart wide.

Don’t listen to what people will tell you
Just listen to what you know is true
Your never lost or completely in the dark
Because the answers to your questions lie in your heart
Just listen to the voice inside and you will see
To success in life you are the key.

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