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Life Just Isn't Fair

A Childhood Cancer Survivor Poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

Sometimes the world is a lonely place
Seems you’re the only one without a smiling face,
The rest of the world has it good while you have it bad
But you can’t put your finger one what makes you sad.
What’s turning your world upside down
What’s turning your once happy face into a frown,
What’s turning months of bliss into tears
What’s poisoning so many happy years.
Is it that fact that your favorite uncle just had an affair
Or that life just isn’t fair,
Could it be that you don’t get the grades you earned
Or that you don’t get what you already should have learned.
Is it that your family is going broke
Or that getting a date seems like a joke,
Sometimes I feel as if I’m drowning in depression
Isn’t it about time for my recession.
Sinking in quicksand with no rope to grasp
Seeing the positive is an impossible task,
Locked inside a cold hard cell
Falling, falling into a well,
In the bottom total defeat
Sharks that swallow my soul like red meat,
Totally devoured who knows where I’ll go
What happened to make me sink this low.
I ponder this confusion while I sit here
It will only get worse is what I fear,
I’ve learned many lessons sitting in that chair
But the biggest one is that life just isn’t fair.

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