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Not Invisible

A Childhood Cancer Survivor Poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

She smiles brave for her father
Because she can't find her mother,
Her bleeding goes unnoticed
and she's trying to stay focused
On what she knows
And how it goes
but the wind still blows
and the feeling grows,
And she can’t keep it in rhythm
when she see's others girls with him.

No one sees her heart is broken
Her tears go unspoken,
There’s no one there, no one to phone
She’s all alone,
She’s hurting
and her feelings keep on stirring.

She cannot eat
She cannot sleep
She’s faceless
She stumbles because she’s  graceless.

She’s tired of holding on
Because her time has come and gone
She feels her life is over
She needs someone to show her
She’s not invisible no more.

She's starting to get nervous
What did she do to deserve this
She needs to rise to the surface
She needs to know her purpose,
She needs to know she's not invisible no more.

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