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Poems of Faith, Hope, Triumph and Tragedy

Now I'm walking on water because I have faith.
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

During my never-ending search to find myself, I hit rock bottom emotionally. I became extremely depressed and drove people away. I became so alone, shut off in my own world of insanity, I became so desperate for a way out I became suicidal. My world became a dark place and the only way I could get out my emotions was with poetry. I wrote many poems, some about misery, depression, pain, life, hope and poems about and death.

No Escape
I Live a Lie
I Once was Lost
Because I Never Gave Up on Me
Sarah's Story 
What If Faith is Not Enough?
I Can Only Take So Much
Bury Me a Stranger
This Curse

My Soul
If Someone Cared
I've Changed So Much
I Will Not Die
To Be Anyone But Me
What Girls Will Do
You Push and I Fall
So Now I Lay Me Down to Cry
No Relief

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