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A Childhood Cancer Survivor Poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

Dear God

Bless us all young or old
Sick or healthy Good or bold
Bless us all lost or found
Lonely or miserable
And drive all hatred to the ground.
Save me from my hatred and fears
Save me from my lake of tears
Hold my hand while I scream and cry
Hold my hand until I die.
Only your love can save us now
Only your love can show us how
How to get rid of our hatred and pain
How to accept the sick and insane
Help us to find your light in the dark
Help us to you in our hearts.
In our world today, nothing will ever be the same
We’re too caught up in fashion and fame
Too many times we make a mockery of your name.
If I could have one wish of choice
I would ask you to let us rejoice
Rejoice in all our differences and similarities
Help the sick and people with imparities
Help us to be the people you made
Help us to cherish the things you gave.
And If I am to die in my sleep tonight
I would pray for you to make the world right
Save them lord big or small
Save them lord save them all!


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