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A Childhood Cancer Survivor Poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

Revenge is one of the most deadly of sins
In the end no one really wins,
Revenge is a dangerous game
It’s an evil curse that leaves nothing ever the same.

Revenge can shake and break your whole world
Ruin lives for your baby boy or baby girl,
Secrets are better left buried in the past
Left in the open they’ll only add to the blast,
Any words are better left unspoken
Anything will stir up some commotion,
It’s better just to let them be
Or you’ll find yourself R.I.P.

Misery can lead to unthinkable consequences
It’s not learned in a class rooms it just one of life’s lessons,
Stay far back from the blaze and the hate
Adding water will only make you regurgitate,
Guilt and conscience only add to the mix
Better left to cool, there’s no quick fix.

Get me mad is like starting a wild fire
Making you fall will be my one desire,
Revenge has a rather foul scent
Don’t you dare claim to be innocent.
When revenge gets under my skin
The need to hurt, comes from deep within,
See I know all about pain
I know the feeling of acid rain,
When it comes leave me alone
Or I’ll get right on the phone,
With my conscience and tell it to put pity aside
And tell my feelings not to hide,
I’ll go all out if it means you get what you deserve
If I have to I’ll put all my values on reserve.

Never underestimate the power of me
Always be aware of what you can’t see
I may be sweet on the outside but you’d never guess how sour I can be
When revenge comes, the only one left standing is me.

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