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True Love

A Childhood Cancer Survivor Poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

Tell me you love me, tell me you swear
That when I get wrinkles you’ll still care,
But tell me this only if you would
Because if you lie you’re gone for good.

Tell me I’m beautiful and I look like a star
Tell me you’ll think about me no matter where you are,
But tell me only if you mean it true
Because if you lie I’m done with you.

Tell me you love me and I’m the best
Tell me I’m better than all the rest,
But tell me only if you mean what you say
Because I can’t love you if you’d lie that way.

Tell me you’d miss me if I was gone
Tell me if I died you could never move on
But tell me that only if you mean it every moment you live,
because a lie like that I could never forgive.

Tell me you’d climb to the highest mountain just for me
Tell me you’d swim to the bottom of the deepest sea,
If you truly love me then tell me all this is true
But if you say no then never again will I see you.
True love isn’t just a silly game
It’s only true if you feel the same,
And I’ll undo anything you’ve ever done
If you tell me I’m the one.

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