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We’ll Make It Together

A Childhood Cancer Survivor Poem
© 2016 Christine Mulvihill

I found my place and I’m staying here
Being back at the bottom is what I fear
Oh I’ll handle this girl nice and easy
Yea, lines like that make me queasy.

You think I’m sweet like sugar and spice
Well this little girl doesn’t have to be nice
I can be evil, you wait and see
You’re going to wish you never messed with me.

I’ll get you good, I know where to strike
And the hole I make is 10 times the size of the knife
All this to keep my place, all this fighting
Now that you look at it, it is quite frightening.

What girls will do just to get ahead
Don’t you wish you stayed at home in bed
Lies, deceit, back stabbing bitches
Two faced heartless, tell it all snitches.

I am like none of those
Because I was smart with the words I chose
Or maybe it’s because I have a heart and my morals aren’t lost
I’ll tell the truth at any cost.

I have an idea of what a good friend should be
Someone who’s down to earth maybe
Someone who is true to us
Who doesn’t get distracted by money and lust.

Someone who will be my girl to the end
Even when I’m bitchen she’s my friend
Because if you got my back, I have yours too
They can try to break us but they’ll never get through.

Through thick and thin, through it all
I’ll be at your side before you call
Because our friendship will last forever
Through this life we’ll make it together.

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